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À Glória do Grande Arquitecto do Universo

Grande Loja Nacional Portuguesa

Maçonaria Regular e Tradicional em Portugal

Distinctive symbol of the National Grand Lodge of Portugal (GLNP) with Masonic elements.

In the name of National Grand Lodge of Portugal, the Most Respectable Grand Master has the arduous task of trying to offer to Society, to the World, the best that is in each of us Masons, our Humanity, our Knowledge, Wisdom, our Essence, in short, to share a bit of the renowned Light...

It is here and now that our role becomes essential, like a lighthouse whose mission is to guide ships at sea on stormy days, we Masons also have the duty, the sacred mission to Illuminate, to guide our peers on this earthly journey.

It is time for us to assume our responsibilities once again, without shame or false modesty, positively influencing the various forums in which we orbit and, if the Great Architect of the Universe allows, thus improving our Old World, which, as we often say, seeks to be ever more Just and Perfect.

I want to emphasize the importance of preserving our traditions and values, but also embracing the future with an open mind and a generous heart, Freemasonry is a place for personal growth, for service to the community, to Humanity.

It is our duty to strengthen the bonds that unite the Brethren, to promote harmony within the Order, and to extend our fraternal hand to those in need and who deserve it.

By assuming this leadership position, I commit to listening to the voices of all the Brothers of National Grand Lodge of Portugal and Civil Society, to value the diversity of thoughts and ideas that enrich our Order, and to work with transparency and rigor for the strengthening of Freemasonry in Portugal.

The obstacles are challenging, but we are confident that we will achieve our goals, continuing to tread the path of Wisdom and Fraternity, thus contributing once again to the well-being and progress of Humanity.

May the light of the Great Architect of the Universe guide us at every step of this future Masonic journey.

XV Grand Master of National Grand Lodge of Portugal, Nuno Tinoco


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