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Welcome to the Official Website of Grande Loja Nacional Portuguesa!

Grande Loja Nacional Portuguesa is a masonic order that radiates to the world, from the inside.

This quote has two meanings – one administrative and a deeper, spiritual one.

Regarding the administrative one, GLNP has its headquarters in Bragança, Northern Portugal. However, it is not constrained by its territory, having stable and firm connections throughout the entire country and all around the globe and being, therefore, a Great Lodge of universal and universalist vocation, irradiating from the interior (of Portugal) to the World.

However, the place where is located isn’t relevant – the second sense is, by far, what is important for us. A Grande Loja Nacional Portuguesa Mason Brother is characterized by the will that took Him to find us, knocking on the Temple’s door, by its introspection and reflection that he did on the initial moments of its path, that opened the map definitely to the Earth’s interior. It is his spiritual sense that he finds in himself and through himself that distinguishes him as an Initiated from others that, passing by the same process, aren’t ready to understand.

The initiatic path that he began to cross through, its persistency on the obstacles he found, the friendly hand that he trusted to go through, it is the most important treasure for any Grande Loja Nacional Portuguesa Mason Brother. The stroll on this path as nothing radical, sad, moral or physical flogging. It is a path with many personal satisfaction moments, happiness, tranquility, that doesn’t interfere on political or religious questions. I tis only a personal commitment that requires Man own sacrifices that he commits to himself to be perfect. And it makes it perfectly integrated on the society that he belongs.

In a world where the humanist values are far and estranged, with no definite lines, where hard work, effort, seriousness and justice sense are left out, a spiritual and iniciatic path, tempered with fraternal love, will make that the spirituality light comes from the Brother Mason of the Grande Loja Nacional Portuguesa to Society, making it better, balanced and more human.

XIII Grand Master of the Grande Loja Nacional Portuguesa,

João Pavão


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